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I am a PhD student in Computer Science and a serious food geek.  In my spare time I hack food.  This blog documents my experiments, and what I had for dinner.  I use high-tech and molecular techniques to create new food experiences.  My cooking is hyperlocal and seasonal gastropub cuisine, comfort food elevated using modernist techniques.  I ♥ pork.

@cookingphd on Twitter. 

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Intelligentsia Video Series: A Geek Approach to Coffee

The folks over at Intelligentsia Coffee have started an awesome new video series.  These are my people, mad science coffee geeks.  I love the video on the syphon coffee.  The black and white lighting and the gear is simply wicked cool.  Check it out.

It is the second of a three part series on coffee, watch them all.

Reader Comments (5)

Beautiful video, but I've gotta say, I've been REALLY enjoying low-tech coffee recently. The siphon is bordering on a little too flashy for my tastes. A well done pour-over with stainless steel filter is unbeatable in my book.

April 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJon

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